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Nubra: In ancient times, the valley was part of the Caravan Route of the famous silk route. It is a place where u can seen a desert of white sand dunes surrounded by snow capped peaks; blue sky, sub-zero temperature and double hump camels with fur. Nubra is one of the most beautiful places in Ladakh. Its original name was Ldumra (the valley of flowers).there is a fusion of beautiful snow capped mountains unique green valleys, sand dunes, rivers and amazing monasteries which makes this place unique in many ways and keeps your eyes mind and soul craving for more. Nubra Valley is about 150 kilometers from Leh, the capital town of Ladakh. The ride will take you more than 6 hours depending on the weather and traffic movements. It is advised to take 24 hours rest in Leh upon arrival with minimal activity, especially if you are arriving by air to adjust to the high altitude region. Deskit is the main town of the Nubra Valley that separates the Ladakh and the Karakoram Ranges where Shyok and Nubra or Siachen River flows. Nubra River is a tributary of Shyok and Shyok is a tributary of the river Indus. One of the attractions of Deskit is the Deskit Gompa. Nubra Valley is inhabited by Buddhist Ladakhis and Muslims. In the western end of Nubra Valley, along the Shyok River, the inhabitants are Balti. The languages spoken in this part of the world are primarily Ladakhis and Balti but people do understand Hindi also.


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